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Benefits of hosting your pod with BYO.Host


Use with BYO.Tube

Use the BYODA pod to host your BYO.Tube content and data.


30 days free

Get 30 days of free hosting for your BYODA pod, thanks to sponsorship from the Microsoft for Startups program.


Choose the right solution

With 3 levels of uptime and scalability available, select the solution that best fits your needs.


Available in 15 locations

Choose the location close to you to maximize performance.


Scales to your needs

Whether you are consuming content or are creating it for millions of followers, we deliver solutions to meet your needs.


Automatic upgrades

BYO.Host is operated by the same non-profit organization that created BYODA and BYO.Tube.

Host your data in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Avoid going the DIY route and having to install linux containers and open firewall ports yourself. Get a fully managed hosting solution that is ready to go with no hassle. Thanks to the sponsorship by the Microsoft for Startups program, we can offer 30-days of free hosting for your pod.

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BYODA is a non-profit organization

BYODA funds the development of the BYODA software stack from donations, sponsorships, and revenue generated by BYO.Host and BYO.Tube.

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